National Advisory Committee

OVERVIEW: The utilization of a National Advisory Committee is essential to realizing and maintaining the integrity of the original vision, mandate and objectives of the ALL OUR SISTERS 2011 and 2014 conferences, and the National Network. The National Advisory Committee provides guidance and direction to the development, implementation and evaluation of the national network on housing and safe communities for women.

ROLE OF COMMITTEE: The National Advisory Committee:

  • Advises and Guides the Steering Committee through an exchange of expertise and information 
  • Represents the interests and needs of various communities/regions across Canada 
  • Promotes and increases the visibility of the network by identifying, liaising, and supporting linkages with stakeholders, including women with lived experience, service providers and change agents within each members’ respective communities/regions/sectors 
  • Supports the endeavours and activities of the Steering Committee by acting as references and points-of-contact for initiatives



Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy

Western University


Helene Berman 

Western University


Judith Binder

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp.


Kimberley Chester

profiled in "ALL OUR SISTERS" book authored by Susan Scott


Lin Conover

Winnipeg Health Authority


Barbara Cottrell

Meta Research and Communications


Sue Garvey



Arlene Hache

Centre for Northern Families


Pamela Harrison

Transition House Association of Nova Scotia


Sharon Kuropatwa

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority


Cheryl Lindsay



Heather McDonald

London Public Library


Pamela Ponic

BC Centre of Excellence in Women's Health


John Rook

Alexandra Community Health Centre


Gita Schwartz

Street Haven


Susan Scott

Author of "ALL OUR SISTERS``


Shelley Yeo

Women's Community House

shelley [at] shelterlondon [dot] org 

Do you have experience with the issues of women and homelessness?

Do you live in the far north, western or eastern provinces?

We are seeking a few more women to be involved with the National Advisory Committee.
Please refer to the NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Terms of Reference below.

Please contact Heather Reid (hreid [at] innovcc [dot] ca) if you are interested or require further details.

Please CLICK HERE for the Terms of Reference.